Monday, February 1, 2010

The Start of Something New

I would love to say that I am great scrapbooker, and keep track of my life memories well, but that would be a lie. Keeping up with my childs baby book, is something I just don't think to do, or I think oh...I will put that in later, I will remember. But as I sit down to update it I find myself wondering and guestimating (is that a word) when events in his life happened. My solution to this problem is to blog, and am hoping I am better @ this than I am @ writing things down. The other problem I have is printing off pictures. I take a fair amount but never get them printed. I am hoping it will be easier to upload onto my blog. So here it goes....:)

For Christmas my husband got me a new camera, and I am determined to get the most use out of it. Here are a few of my favorite pics from Cole and Derek playing out in the snow last month...

Cole trying to eat the snow

Still trying...

Father & Son

Rosy cheeks

Have a great Day,


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