Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Puzzles, Walks, & Giggles

I am always trying to rack my brain for new ways to entertain Cole. We used to pick out a puzzle and make it a learning experience, but when there are only three pieces to the puzzle, and a two year old who has done the puzzle enough, it only takes a few minutes to do the puzzle. Now I take all of the puzzles (there are six, and most have more than three pieces) and dump the pieces onto the table and lay out the boards. Once a board is finished I move it to the side. There are animals, cars, and shapes. We work on colors, and animal noises, and really make a big deal out of completing a puzzle.

The puzzles

The pieces



So happy to get a picture of him smiling at me, and also realizing how badly he needs a haircut! ha!

Taking a break after completing his puzzles :) Isn't he the cutest?

The weather is really nice here today, cool and crisp. Cole I and ventured out for a walk. He loves anything on wheels, so he pushed his "car" through the leaves, and insisted on stomping on every leaf in his path :)

This cracks me up!

Here is the view from above (sorry it's blurry)

I look like I have a huge pumpkin on the front of me! ha! Believe me she is growing! Before we know it she will be here :) I am off to get a little nap in before Cole wakes up from his:)


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