Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Julia's Newborn Pictures

We are still alive and kicking over hear. Last week we were fortunate to have Derek home from work, but this week it is just me and the kiddos. So between taking care of them and trying to get some rest while they are resting, taking pictures of them hasn't really happened. With Cole we have pictures of what seems like every waking moment, with two kids it is harder to take pictures. But I have a link for you all to see some fabulous pictures of Julia (Cole made it into a few too:).

On Monday morning we had Julia's newborn pictures done at our house, and I am giddy over them. If you are on facebook if you look up Jenn Hunter Photography you can see all of her pictures, but if you aren't on facebook just click here and you can see some of the best ones!

Cole is adapting really well to here. We are just getting used to being a family of 4 now :)

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