Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, yesterday was Julia's update, and I wanted to document what Cole was up to these days.


Age: 32 months
Weight: 37 lbs (as of end of last month)
Height: tall for your age over 3 feet.
You have always stayed in the 95-97th percentiles for height and weight.
Clothe size: Mostly 4T and you wear a size 11 shoe!!

What your up to these days....


Sometimes I am just amazed at how much you absorb.
You love your cars, trains and books.
You can sing your ABC's, Old McDonald, some of the Cars songs, and sometimes you are singing randomly (it is so cute).
You sleep in a toddler bed, but we need to get you a twin bed soon.
You love Julia.
Your favorite letters are "O" and B".
We are working on potty training, Amen!
Everyday you make us laugh, and we thank you for that. This age is the best, but sometimes the hardest. Your favorite thing to say is, "what's that?" From the moment you wake up in the morning you are full of energy. It is hit or miss if you take a nap, if you don't go to sleep you play quietly in your room.

We love you Cole, and the joy you bring to our lives :)

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