Monday, November 14, 2011


Today one year ago....

I was placed on the monitors, and listened to your heartbeat inside me one last time.

I rubbed my belly with you inside it one last time.

I felt you stir inside my belly one last time.

Today one year ago was the last day I was pregnant with you.

Today at 10:06 am I heard you cry for the first time.  

I saw you for the first time.
I nursed you for the first time.

I held you for the first time.

Today one year ago I started loving you in an entirely different capacity.  

Since that day one year ago, my love for you has only multiplied.

I love you, Julia, more than the last, and even more than the first.

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  1. So sweet! What a wonderful day it was too! She's such a beautiful little girl and I'm glad I was able to take care of you two!

    Happy 1st Birthday, Julia!!


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