Thursday, February 2, 2012


In January a lot happened in our busy little lives.  Most will seem mundane and boring to others, but to us memories were created.

In January...

I braided Julia's hair for the first time.


Julia officially took off walking (13 1/4 months), wait that was December.  Oh well.

Cole is thriving in his new preschool.


 (Cole requested this picture was taken while he "choo choo'd")

Derek and I went most of the month without eating, sugar, wheat, dairy, or gluten.  Tough.

The kids are learning to share.


 Still learning...


Derek and I both got down to high school weights.  Me the weight I entered high school in :)!!

Julia learned the word "please" and said it close to 1000 times this month.


Cole has a running dialogue with his cars and trains.  He says, "Come here, Thomas said."  It is so funny to listen too.

I actually made it to one of my sisters games.


Proof I was there.  That is what Derek and I are going to look like when we run our first half marathon in June.  We signed up for it last week. 
We celebrated Christmas with the Dreher's.  Here are the cousins at the end of the night. 


Enough said.

Julia no longer uses a bottle, but still loves her pacifier and blankets

Julia still loves her naps.


I love those legs.

I started meal planning for the family.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures this month.  I honestly hardly took any.  Hence the selection.

And the month ended with Derek turning 31!


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