Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Colester

 Remember Cole?  


He has been growing like a weed!  Derek told me he missed seeing pictures of Cole.  So, without further adue (a do? adoo ?)  anyways, here is my silly firstborn.


 In less than two months Cole is not going to be my three year old anymore.


(his serious face.)
He will be 4.


He is proud to be turning 4, but would be even happier if he was turning 5.  Everything involves the number five.  Everything.

Me:  "Cole what are you doing?"

Him: "Playing with cars.  FIVE cars"

Me:  "Cole, would you like some crackers?"

Him:  "Yeah! Yeah!  FIVE crackers!"

Me:  "Let's make muffins."

Him: "Yeah! FIVE muffins"

Get the picture??


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