Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Laughing Gas Please

As a kid I was never afraid to go to the dentist.  I was afraid I would have a cavity, then get in trouble for having a cavity.  I would sit there hoping and praying I would hear the words, "Way to go Allison! No cavities."    A lot of times I did, but I did end up with a few cavities.  

The difference between having cavities as a kid and then having them as an adult is the laughing gas.  Recently I went to the dentist, and it was the first time I had been since I was pregnant with Cole.  Shame shame, I know. I ended up with a few cavities, five to be exact, three being on one tooth.  To my benefit, they were as small as cavities can get, and the only way he saw them was with this weird black light contraption.  Anyway, yesterday I went to get two of them filled, or sealed, whatever it is called nowadays. I was not nervous in the least, I remember having to get a cavity filled once as a kid, and it felt like an out of body experience.  The lights on the ceiling were dancing, it felt like I was in outer space.   Now I realize it was the laughing gas.

First they laid me back, no laughing gas in sight, and put some gel in my cheek where the shots were going to go.  Then we waited for it to kick in before giving me the injection.  You know on the movies where they show a large latex covered hand holding this huge needle with medicine dripping off the tip of it?  That is what I saw.  

A little warning would have been nice.  Like, "You might want to close your eyes Allison, unless you want to see this mega needle we about to jab into your mouth." But I did not get a warning.  Right when I saw the needle, I thought I was going to pass out.  I did not.  I ended up with a total of three injections.  Each one hurt.  I just wanted to yell, I promise to take better care of my teeth, I promise!  

Keep in mind I am a nurse.  I start IVs, see people get epidurals and spinals all of the time, and it does not bother me in the least.  I have had IV's, an epidural, and a spinal without a problem.  This was worse.  There is something about a needle coming directly at your face.  When you have your arm stuck out for an IV it seems like it is natural, it is easier to sacrifice your limb to a needle, than your face.

After they drilled, sealed, suctioned, and commented on my amount of saliva, really? (it is really hard to swallow when your mouth is open as far as it can with a bunch of equipment shoved in it, two people above you talking about dogs, and being completely numb on half of your mouth).  They sat me up to bite on this piece of ribbon thing, to check my bite, they asked me how I was doing, I said with a numb mumble, "this sucks." They chuckled. I did not find it funny in the least.   Normally, I am not this rude, but I was so over this.  They laid me back drilled, scraped, did what they do, and then sat me up to bite on another ribbon.  Then laid me back again.  

Finally, it was over.  They asked me how I was doing.  I said, "I would rather have a c-section, than do this again."  They looked at me like I was jumping over the moon.  Then in the silence I added, "But thank you.  See you next week for the other side."

I headed out to the waiting room, waiting for Derek, reading my book, and only occasionally drooled on the pages.  Cannot wait to go back next week, maybe I can ask for laughing gas?

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  1. I just read your update Allison and love the pics of your beautiful children.Thank-you for sharing;)
    I had my dentist appointment today for my filling after my 6 mth exam told them I had a spot on a tooth that needed attention.I have to agree with you I was thinking the same thing as my toes curled when they injected that front gum line and tears rolled out, it pinched so bad and handed me my kleenex.Yes laughing gas would have made it so much easier to tolerate.DO they have to do that?I am with you laughing gas please.I'll pay extra if I need too, they don't need to be saving that stuff. I know it was there.Please pass the laughing gas.


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