Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Busy

Have you heard of busy bags?  If you google "busy bags" there is a whole bunch of ideas.  I especially like this site  for ideas.   They are super cheap, and most can be made with items from your home, or a quick trip to the store.

Everyone tells me how busy Julia is.  I get comments like, "Wow, she sure is busy."  or "She just does not stop does she?"  I get these comments all of the time.  So, I made a whole slue of different busy bags for her and Cole.

One of her favorites is the fuzzies (or pom poms) into a container.  Whoever thought of this, thank you! SIMPLE.  It literally took me a minute to make, and has provided endless entertainment for her.

What you need:

1.) A willing toddler.  Check!

AND_0536_058Spring 2012

2.) an old container with a hole cut in the middle (I have also heard of people melting a hole into it). Check!

AND_0551_068Spring 2012

(for the record we do not eat margarine, no idea where this container came from.)

3.) fuzzies (really cheap in the craft aisle) Check, Check!

AND_0550_067Spring 2012


Dump out the fuzzies.  Then have your little one put them back in the container through the hole you so expertly made.  Kind of like fifty two card pick up for toddlers.

AND_0541_062Spring 2012

Convince her not to put the fuzzies in her mouth.

AND_0540_061Spring 2012

Oh the concentration...

AND_0560_073Spring 2012

Fun right?

AND_0542_063Spring 2012

We think so.

We store this in a large Ziploc bag, hence it being a busy bag.

P.S. The cutie above picked out her bow.

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