Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer and pictures from my phone.

This summer has been bittersweet.  In less than three months our family will grow by another little being.  

These two are in constant debate over whether it is a boy or girl. 

Cole is just hoping it has hair and he can pet it.  His words not mine.  And Julia will love being a big sister, although it will be more of an adjustment for her, I think.

Cole graduated the gymnastics class he was in. (These must of be leftover medals.  2003 was how many years ago?)

And has moved onto soccer.  

Julia our water-bug would try and swim across the ocean if we let her.  

She also learned the thumbs up this summer.

And Cole road a pony ride at the fair for the first time.

 The summer has been nice, but it is time to start school next week.  Our little journeys this summer have been fun.  This fall will bring many more.  

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