Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's be honest...

Six weeks after having my third child I....

am exhausted,

continue to wear maternity clothes, and have no intention of giving up the elastic and lycra anytime soon,

consider putting on mascara and adding a headband to the messy ponytail on the top of my head dressing up,

wish I owned more than two sweatshirts,

daydream about a full nights sleep,

wish I had energy, energy to be a more patient mom to the older two, 

keep reminding myself breastfeeding is worth it,

am thankful for these babes I have been blessed to raise.

I know these days shall past,I need to be present, and savor the smoothness of a babies skin, reading one more book at bedtime, first smiles, Julia's  chubby cheeks, Cole's literal logic, family dinners, funky hair and  maternity pants.  

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