Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Long Long Time Ago

A long long time ago, I started this blog to document my families journey through life.  And then life happened, and the documenting ceased to exist. Almost 10 months ago we grew from a family of four to five, and my world has been turned upside down. I thought I used to have a good memory, now I get distracted.  It must be the lack of sleep. This blonde little guy has given me a run for my money, and since he is almost constantly nearby, my time on the computer is almost none.  

But since I am here, and the point of this is to document, be able to look back, remember the mundane, the fun times, laughter, and the moments I want to just pull my hair out.  Here is a little of what we have been up to.  

First up, the babe.

Everett.  Everett.  Everett is almost 10 months old, blonder than I ever imagined, with a mouth full of teeth, six to be exact.  The first two made their debut at 5 months, and it has been a teething roller coaster ever since.  I beg people to tell me one day he will take a great nap, and sleep through the night.  It will happen right?  

He is our giggliest, and most portable baby.  Pop this little guy in the ergo and he is good to go.  Army crawling is his newest and cutest thing.  Babbling and saying da-da are right up there too.  

Julia loves to snuggle, talks nonstop,  loves footie pajamas, has only cut her own hair once, is sweet as pie (except when she's not), swims like a fish, has an imagination to warm my heart, and if I'm lucky she will invite me to her birthday party (her words, not mine).  

Cole is our tall, strong first grader.  My helper on most occasions, and the instigator to Julia's screeching the other times.  Everett is his pal.  Riding his bike without the training wheels is ALL he wants to do right now.

Derek is my rock, and saves me everyday at 5:15.  Anyone else struggle from 4:00-5:00?  The making dinner, and entertaining the kids time is probably the hardest part of the day.  Speaking of which I need to make a grocery list....

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