Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Perfection?  Appearing to do it all?  Not me.  Not ever.  

Did I mention we embarked on the homeschooling journey?  Well, we did.  And maybe this is premature, but it is wonderful!  People tell me I am doing it all, and while that may be meant as a compliment, I'm not.  Because I feel that those people who appear to be doing it all, aren't really.  No one is.  No one can.  And I'm not, and never will.   

For example my bathroom is two really ugly colors right now.  I have white paint to fix the problem, but that is not really how I want to spend an hour plus of downtime.  And then once I paint it I have to make the decision of what color I want it to be for the next couple of years, and I am REALLY bad at that sort of thing.  

So, when people think other people are doing it all, I hope they are, and knit a sweater to tell about it.  I like to think we are doing the best we can with the circumstances we are given, and the results are what is best for our family.  Which probably is not what is best for other families.

Back to the homeschooling thing.  Never would I have imagined myself to be a mother who homeschools her children.  I mean who does that?  What about socializing?  Friends?  Will my child be an outcast?  Heck will they learn anything from me, and we both live to tell about it?   

I sure hope so, but hey I'm not perfect. 

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