Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spinach Smoothies

I must give credit where credit is owed. My mom introduced Cole to his love of smoothies awhile back, and today as Cole and I look out at the cold outside from our warm house, I decided to make us smoothies. When Cole saw the blender come out, he ran to the cabinet that holds the cups, and said "peeez." He knew from the sight of the blender that smoothies were coming up. So spinach smoothies it is!

The Ingredients:

Milk (not pictured)

Frozen berries

Baby spinach (really you can't even taste it)

Frozen Banana

Protein powder (none in Cole's, just mine)


Blend until smooth and enjoy

This little guy couldn't suck it down fast enough

Perplexed by the mouth of the straw

One happy spinach smoothie lovin boy

*note this smile looks a little forced, as I was interrupting smoothie time.:)


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