Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Kisses

Add ImageHappy Valentine's Day!!

Here is a BIG kiss from Cole

Isn't it so cute that he puckers now?! :)

This weekend I worked so Derek and Cole spent the weekend together. Yesterday I woke up and Cole was sitting at the table eating dinner. He is so proud to be sitting @ the table and not in his highchair :) We need to get a booster though...he's not quite tall enough, @ least not yet...

Here he is turned around eating his favorite food... CHEESE!!

Then today I was awaken to a basket full of goodies from Derek and Cole. Aren't they sweet??
Derek knows me well enough to know I don't care for boxed chocolate, but he knows my love for Girl Scout thin mint cookies !

Earlier this week Cole and I (well as much as a 20 month old can help) made Derek a little homemade photo album. And he loved it :)

A little peek into the inside

We had a great and memorable Valentine's Day weekend. Now Cole is in bed and I am going to watch the Olympics!! GO USA!!

Oh! But in case you forgot how cute this little guys pucker is...Here is one more kiss from Cole :)


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