Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dogs, Walks, and a Blue Car

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are going walks. Almost every night, weather permitting, we go on a walk. Derek is a trooper and pushes Cole in his blue car, with a beeping horn and all. I on the other hand man the dogs. Sometimes they are so excited to go for a walk, that they drag me into a jog. ha! On the nights I work, Derek still pushes Cole in his beeping blue car and ALSO takes both dogs. On this particular night I was with them, but wanted to get a picture of what it is like when I am not there! haha!

Notice how they are taking up the whole street, the dogs are going in opposite directions, and Cole is dragging his feet out of the car (a habit we are trying to break). LOL!

It looks to me like both dogs, and Cole are smiling though.... :)

After getting home we took advantage of the nice weather and played outside. Derek and I were kicking one of those cheap dollar balls back and forth. I thought it would be clever to get a picture of the ball in the air while kicking it. What ended up happening was I kicked the ball, it veered to the right (uh-oh), bounced off of Cole's head and went to the left. What I did get was an uninjured or even phased child, Derek making a hilarious "OOOO I can't believe you just did that" face, and only about one third of the ball in the frame. haha!

So, I will just stick to my amateurish ways of photographing my family, and not cheap bouncing balls.

Until next time,

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma K.!!

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