Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Easter Celebrations

Life is flying by these days. Over the weekend we celebrated Easter at a couple of places. On Saturday we went to Derek's side of the family, and had Easter dinner, and then Diane (AKA Grandma) gave the five grandkids their Easter baskets.

In the morning we did some running around, and planned on going home to the the dogs out and such, but ended up just heading over to the Dreher's for dinner. Unfortunately I didn't plan very well, and didn't have a change of clothes for Cole (hence his lack of clothes and him wearing a dirty shirt in the photos below :), and I ran out of diapers! Thanks Diane for having some on hand! ha!

The boys hanging out in Grandma's playroom

While the boys were lounging in the playroom we were trying to get these two little girls to smile for a picture together :)

And here are the boys investigating what is in their baskets

On Easter we went to my Aunt Beth's for an Easter egg hunt. She has the perfect yard for a kids egg hunt! Cole did so well this year. He was a boy on a mission. Once he found an egg, he was immediately looking for another. We had a great time.

Cole getting ready to start his hunt.
He is such a charmer!

Doing the splits to get the egg! ha!

Scouting out where there are more eggs...like I said he was on a mission

Enjoying the goodies inside the eggs :)

The Easter bunny brought Cole a train and train track for Easter, and he has not stopped playing with it since he opened it. After this weekend we have joked and said that Cole is in "Sugar Detox" from all of the treats and candy he had this weekend. :)

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!


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