Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Game Night

Have I mentioned that I am really into my sisters basketball right now? Well last night for some reason, Derek and I decided to take Cole to the game because it started at 6 pm. Our thought was that he would behave well because he wouldn't be overtired and past bedtime. WE WERE WRONG!!

Cole had a whole ant farm of ants in his pants. We did okay the first half of the game, but come the second half it was getting to be a bit much. So, my wonderful husband took Cole out into the hallway and let him run around the last quarter. While I was able to watch the game and cheer on the girls, and what a game it was.

The girls played well, but most were off on their shooting. But they made it count with 10 seconds left, and down by one point. One of the girls stole the ball and scored, winning the game!! The adrenaline in the gym was intense.

The Final Score

When we decided to take Cole to the game, I decided to make him a onesie to cheer the girls on, similar to the one I made myself. (I had to make due with the iron on's I had left.)

Here are Cole and I at home really excited that the girls won.

Cole's says "Go Bobcats # 42" on the front (along with some of his dinner, OOPS!) and "Go Aunt LoLo" on the back.
Mine says "Lady Cats" on the front, and then Lauren's last name and jersey number on the back.

May I mention that I know this is a ridiculous picture of myself, but honestly I am just happy to have a picture of Cole and I, that I am not wrestling him in, or blurry! HA!

Looking forward to her game tomorrow night :)


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