Friday, March 12, 2010

Trains and Champions

Cole loves many things. One of his loves is cheese, another is Elmo, and the most recent is trains. Ever since seeing a train in the car, and learning what is says. He has developed a love and total infatuation with trains. So the other afternoon after hearing "choo choo, where'd it go" (in 21 month old terms) from Cole a hundred times. I got a little clever (or so I thought) and went to youtube and typed in trains, and found some videos on trains. Honestly the ten minute clips are trains on train tracks going around and around, and Cole will sit there the whole time mesmerized, watching the trains. Unfortunately now whenever he sees my laptop he says "Choo Choo, Choo, Choo" :) HA!

Here he is watching the trains, he knows not to touch mama's laptop :)

Enthralled with the trains

It's amazing the things that little ones latch onto and love :)

On another note last night, I attended my sisters basketball game by myself (since Tuesday was such a disaster, Derek and Cole stayed home), but was not by myself. Of my Dad's eight siblings over half were at Lauren's game, plus several other family members and friends. There was definitely plenty of company, and quite the cheering section :) And I must say the girls were on last night with their shooting game. And as usual Lauren played awesome!

The Final Score

The Regional Champs!

Congrats girls!!

They are moving on to the state quarterfinals on Tuesday!

As for today, Cole and I are going to stay in and play, and then spend some quality family time together tonight when Derek gets home.

Uh-oh! Cole has spotted me with my computer and is trying to get me to put on the trains. Time to shut down the computer. :)

Have a nice weekend,


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