Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have been so busy this week, I have been unable to get a chance to update. If I haven't been working I have been at one of Lauren's games. Unfortunately, their awesome season ended yesterday afternoon in East Lansing, MI. The good news is they made it to the final four for the state!!

I am so happy to be off of work until next Thursday!! Today Cole and I are going to do some running around after he finishes eating lunch, and then get some much needed house cleaning done.

Early this week we had a visit from Uncle Bobby. Cole loves to be chases by his uncles. And it gave me a chance to get ready for work.

Cole and Uncle Bobby

Cole is wearing the pajama top that his great grandma Dee Dee made him. He has two pair that have Elmo on them and some days he insists on wearing "Mo Mo." His way of saying Elmo. :)

Hopefully the weather stays as nice at it is and we can spend some quality time outside as a a family this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend,

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