Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy It's March!!

Cole has happily hung up his winter coat in exchange for a thick spring jacket! The weather here is in the mid 40s now! YAY! Still a bit nippy, so hats and gloves are still needed...for now at least. This evening while I was at my sisters basketball game (we have tried taking Cole before, but then one of us doesn't get to watch the game), Derek and Cole played outside for a couple of hours, and Derek had to practically drag him inside for his bath.

When Cole was an infant if he was fussing or cranky, if you took him outside he would immediately stop crying, bask in the sunlight, and let the wind blow through his dark brown hair. For some reason I think we are going to be spending very little time indoors until it snows again :)

Cole sporting his spring gear

My sisters basketball team won their District tournament and are now headed to Regionals! YAY GO CATS!!

Here are the girls celebrating their victory

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