Sunday, March 7, 2010


Almost everyday when I take a shower, Cole gets strapped into a little chair, in the bathroom, with a book. His book of choice lately has been the book "Tails", a Christmas gift from his Uncle Nick. This book is really very cute. The tails of the animals are textured, to feel like the real thing. It also has tabs you can pull and the tails of the animals wiggle, wag, or swoosh. Unfortunately, in the short time it takes me to shower some of the animals have lost their tails. ha!
The Book

Exploring the different textures
(notice how he props his foot on the shower door :)

Licking the tails??

The chair and spot where he does his reading

Well Cole is out of the bath now, and ready to get a story (or three) read to him before bed.

Goodnight :)



  1. I bet he is sniffing the skunk scratch n' sniff part of that book. What a terrible smell to put into that book.

  2. haha, I bet he is :)


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