Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where will he sleep tonight?

Yesterday I mentioned that we are trying to transition Cole from his crib to his toddler bed, and really don't know how to do it. Now when we put him to bed, either for nap or the night. He almost always climbs out of bed, and does whatever toddlers do in their room. The only things in his room are both of the beds, a bookshelf full of books, a dresser, and the gliding rocking chair.

Derek has told me, on the nights I have worked, he has gone to check on Cole and he is sitting in the glider reading, or on the floor reading, or in bed reading. But he always ends up getting back into his crib and falling asleep.

Until today.....

Today, I read to him as we always do before nap or bedtime, and put him in his crib. Moments later I heard him shaking the baby gate in his doorway, and went back into his room. He wanted to go to bed in his toddler bed, so that is where I got him situated, and left him reading his books.

Well, I went and got my mother's day pedicure :), and when I came home this is what I saw....

But before he fell asleep he emptied out one of his dresser drawers

and then like a good boy, closed the dresser drawer:)

Notice, we now have a missing drawer knob...hmmmm. I wonder if it is under a pair of the pants. ha!

Tonight, is a similar story. When I checked on him tonight, all of the pants were out of the dresser again, he has put all of his stuffed animals in his crib (they all started out, out of the crib), and he is back in his crib reading :)

Where do we go from here???

Hopefully he will end up falling asleep in his crib and not on the floor :)


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