Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lion, Elephant, Cole OH MY!

This week Cole has spent a lot of time in his inflatable pool swimming like a fish, and loving life. The thing is, is that he insists on being naked when we are at home playing in his pool:) We have tried a swimsuit and swim diaper, but the minute we get outside he is asking for them to be taken off. ha!! So, while we are home in our own inflatable pool, we let him run around naked :) But now I have a ton of pictures that I will need to crop, or just save until he is older!
We are pretty sure that he isn't peeing in the pool, since twice now he has gotten out and peed by a statue in the flower beds :)
He are some pics of Cole doing his animal impersonations in the pool the other night.

The Lion

Showing Dad the Lion

The Elephant

What can I say, my child commits when he does his animal impersonations :)

He was pretty proud of himself.

And then it was back to lounging in his pool:)


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