Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the Splash Pad!

Don't stand too close

Or it will get you!!

On this INCREDIBLY hot and humid day Cole and I ventured back to the splash pad. He was much more independent and brave this time! At first he wanted to hold my hand to go up the stairs, but after a time or two he was going all by himself.

These pictures are from the other day, it was too hot to not be standing in some of the spray and mist!! Not realizing I was standing under the above HUGE bucket of water today, and trying to keep a close eye on which child was mine, I got DRENCHED from this bucket. Shocking at first but so refreshing, ah!

Up the stairs with Nonna
(after once or twice of going up with him, he was going up on his own, thank goodness because that water comes down hard!!)

and down the slide.

Up the stairs (with dad)

and down the slide

and again

and again

and yet again :)

And when I told him he could go down the slide one more time, then we were going home he does this...

Takes off to play in the other areas!!

After resisting the slide for a little while, he went back down one more time, and we went home and took a nap :)

I believe the splash pad is going to be our new hangout for the summer. He loves it!

Hope your all staying cool!


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  1. Allison SkrzeszewskiJuly 8, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    Great pictures Allison! Where is the splashpad you took Cole to? By the way I can't wait to hear what the sex of the baby is next week, how exciting!


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