Saturday, July 3, 2010


This afternoon we took Cole to a local splash pad, and he had a blast. He was very cautious at first but after some time to warm up to his surroundings he loved playing in the water. It was the perfect day to be out in the sun and in the water.

First he tested out the water

Then he was running through the water :)

I think he likes it

Next up is the slide....

Not a fan of it at first, but he went back for more and loved it :)

A couple weeks ago after Cole came home from a night at Nonna's he does this...

Cute right?? Only sometimes, not when you are trying to talk to him and he is doing this :)
Today he found us trying to talk to him like this hilarious

Oh how funny he can be at this age!

Thank you Nonna for joining us at the Splash pad today !!

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