Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy Snowmen

Cole and I enjoyed some quality time together with play-doh. We made snowmen per Cole's request. Cole named them "crazy snowmen", probably since they came in an array of colors. I learned last week during one of our play-doh sessions to avoid playing with the sets that come with fake food. For example, Cole received the ice cream set for Christmas. He made up some ice cream cones, we pretended to lick them and enjoy them like real ice cream. Then, Julia was waking up from a nap, I went into get her, and came out to Cole actually licking the "ice cream."
GROSS! I am pretty sure some of the green play-doh is missing but I digress. During our snowmen building yesterday Cole kept saying, "Don't eat it mommy." Apparently, I was the one who needed reminding :)

Cole adding the finishing touch


I tried to get a picture of Cole with the snowmen, but like most 2 year old boys he is not one for posing. So, your left with looking at our crazy snowmen instead.

Have a fabulous day,

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