Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Months Old

*Warning*  This post is chock FULL of pictures of our littlest Valentine.  Try not to kiss your computer screen while enjoying her sweetness :)

Julia, I love this age that you are at.  The way you smile and engage is so wonderful.  
We had a little 3 month photoshoot in the chair your Grandma and Grandpa Dreher got you for Christmas.  It is so cute!To recognize Valentines day your in the only shirt you have with a heart on it :)

Weight: Almost 15 pounds! You are so juicy.  We can not help but kiss and squeeze your cheeks :)


Length: not sure but you are definitely longer than last month (Doctors appointment. is next month.)


Cloth size: 3-6 months

Sleep pattern: Go to bed around 6:30 and sleep until 4ish, and then sleep until 8ish.

Napping: You usually take 2 naps a day about 45 minutes to an hour and a half.  If you wake up before 8 you seem to nap better, so I may be waking you up from now on.

Eating: Nursing every 3 hours during the day.  And boy oh boy are you ready to eat then :)

What your up to these days:  You are still quite the snuggler.  You grasp things if we give them to you.  You LOVE to watch what Cole is doing.  I will sit you on my lap and you just stare at him.  You are already looking up to him.  We just started putting you in your bumbo seat and you seem to like it.  You like to be involved in whats going on.  When I sing to you, you just smile and squeal.  Also when you watch someone eating, you squeal and laugh.  I noticed this when I was sitting in front of you eating a bowl of cereal.  Every time I opened my mouth to take a bite, you would get the biggest grin and start to squeal.  When we talk to you, you talk back in your own little language. I love how when you talk to you raise your eyebrows, flare your nostrils (just a smidge), and raise your shoulders.  I think you are going to be an animated communicator.


I just went back to work this last week, and Nonna watched you and Cole on Friday.  Lets just say she was ready for you guys to come home when I woke up :)  Hopefully this week goes a little better.   Your Dad is enjoying you engaging more with him.  

Here is my favorite picture.


We love you so much.  You are such a doll.  MUAH!

*Now go wipe the slobber off your screens :)*

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