Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Week

     This week we:
  1. Enrolled Cole in preschool (insert tear here),  
  2. Given more M&M's than I care to count to Cole for going to the bathroom on the toilet (only the green and yellow ones though). At least it's for a good cause.
  3. Listened to Derek collide the back of the van into the garage door. YIKES!
  4. Waited around for the insurance people to give an estimate on the damage.
  5. Enjoyed a nap or two
  6. Recertified my NRP.
  7. Cuddled with my kids
  8. Ate too many donuts
  9. Have shared our bed with Cole all week so far.  He has been missing me since I went back to work.  
  10. Learned to operate the self timer on my camera.  I was successful in getting one picture of the three of us unfortunately it is REALLY blurry (see previous post).
  11. Loved on the babies rolls.
  12. Fallen in love with my family even more.


  1. I thought that was your van with the broken windown in the back :-(

  2. Aww... We are happy to have you back at work... Glad we got to do NRP together.


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