Thursday, April 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera ~ Four Generations

For a wedding gift almost six years ago, we received this pretty white frame that says "Four Generations" at the top.  I always thought it was for four generations of women, and have waited for a daughter to fill it.  Every time my gram, mom, Julia, and I get together we either forget to take a picture of the four of us, or one of us doesn't want a picture taken of them because of hair not being done, no make-up, or whatever.  I laugh at this because right now this frame is displayed in my house, in the room we are in the most, with a picture of four women that we don't know.  So instead of just taking a picture of us and putting it in there, we look at four strangers, ha! If I ever ran into one of these people in public, I might think I know them from somewhere :) Pathetic, I know.

And it never fails, when my Gram comes over, she mentions that we need a picture.  So, the other night when we were all together at my brothers amazing senior exhibit (more on that tomorrow), my husband got the burden of having to take our picture. 
We fluffed and primped for a minute, struck a pose, and all said in unison after the click, "Lets see it."   All had a reason not to like it, and took another.  Reviewed the next picture, and had another taken.  All of us kind of said, "Eh, it will do."  The end result is a nice blurry picture of four generations.  Generations that teach, love, and grow with one another.


“Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old” 
 The Talmud.


  1. Precious! Not many people are able to ever get a four generation picture. Visiting from Embrace the camera ;)

  2. Thats awesome. And you all look GREAT! :)

  3. You all look great!! Love generation photos! So sweet!


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