Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 months

Julia you are the best baby.  


Weight: Around 18 pounds

Clothes: 6-9 months
Eating pattern:  Rice cereal for breakfast and dinner, and you nurse at meal times and bedtime

Sleeping:  Dare I say that you are sleeping through the night....YOU ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!  I am thrilled, and hope it lasts :)

What you are up to:  You still move around to different activities.  Your favorite right now is the exersaucer.  You reach for everything.  Your feet go right in your mouth on the changing table.  You still love to be sung to, and love to be held.  You are definitely one that likes to be involved in the action.   You are starting to belly laugh.  Cole is a constant source of entertainment for you. We got a swing for you for the swingset (more on that later), and learned you are our thrill seeker.  You hardly ever cry, but you do wake us up to this screeching noise, and have definiely found your voice.  Your hair still has a mind of its own, and is really starting to lighten up, I wonder if you will be a blondie...


For the most part you are one happy content little girl!


  1. Ok, first, she is looking more and more like you, Al! Must be the smile! Second, I LOVE her outfit...where did you get it?! Third, I absolutely love, love, love her crazy hair! :)

  2. Love the pictures! My how she's growing fast!! That was one of my favorite outfits on Sophie!! :) Glad to see it's getting put to good use. Dana~


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