Saturday, May 28, 2011

We did it....

48 days ago I committed to running.  A few days later I mailed in Derek and I's registration forms for a 5k on May 28th.  I have NEVER been a runner.  I was that girl in elementary school who walked when the teacher wasn't looking for the presidential mile.  Running just to run had no purpose to me.  I played sports in school, but track and field was not one of them.  My new years resolution was to start running, and as of April 11th I still hadn't started.  But with support from a woman named Krista, and my husband helping to make it possible for me to have time to work on this goal, I started.  

 The first couple of weeks were kind of rough, and my body felt more like a golden girls than a 20 something year old's.  But pretty soon I started looking forward to Derek coming home so I could actually do something just for me.  3 days a week I was guaranteed 45 minutes of doing something for myself, by myself.  I want my kids to live an active lifestyle, and hope we can be examples to them to be healthy.  

After a couple weeks I made it my goal to finish the race in under 34 minutes, but never accomplished that on the treadmill.

Today was the big day.

Here we are before the race.  My mom brought the kids to cheer us on.

About a minute in.  Derek is behind the lady in yellow.  I was all smiles here, and it only lasted about another minute.  Derek left me in the dust right after this. 


Here we are finishing, I really thought I was dying.  When I passed the timer it said 37 minutes and something, and I thought "WHAT?!"


We wore timers on our ankles, to time us.  I turned mine in, and a bit later they had our times posted......


My time was really 32:24!! I met my goals! I was so stoked then. The 10 and 15K people started 5 minutes before us, and that is when the clock started, I didn't realize that until later.  Derek's time was 26:47.  His goal was to finish in under 28 minutes.  Derek and I both want to continue running, and are already setting new goals for ourselves. 

Thank you to those that have supported and encouraged us along the way!!

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