Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Cole!


My firstborn is a three year old. Where has the time gone? Everyday he is talking more and saying the darnest things. Over the weekend we celebrated his birthday with our families.


His birthday celebration started off with a down pouring of rain and tornado sirens, but it passed. After eating, we sang Happy Birthday to Cole and then dove into his Scooby Doo ice cream cake. Gifts were opened, (Thank you everyone!), the swingset was played on, water balloons tossed, and a bubble machine became Cole's newest prized possession.

May I introduce Mater the Bubble Machine....


Cole loves it, and even slept with it that night.

 All in all celebrating Cole's third birthday was a success.  Thank you to all for being a part of Cole's life and special day :)

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