Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace the Camera ~ Cars

While on vacation we went and say Cars 2.  It was Cole's first movie, he did awesome.  I was surprised at the amount of violence in the movie, but I digress.  Before going to the movie we got a picture of the five of us that went to the movie.  Cole was decked out in Cars gear, and once he put on the 3D glasses, be looked just like Nick at that age.  So here we are:


Link up with Emily and embrace the camera.


  1. aw, that's a nice picture. i was wondering about that movie...good to know.

  2. Great picture! I kind of love when the kids get old enough to sit through a whole movie :)

  3. oh cars 2. we haven't stopped hearing about that movie since our kids went with their grandparents :)

    glad you joined us this week!


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