Wednesday, June 29, 2011


7 months.

I cannot believe it.

  I am a little late posting this, but here is an update from 6-7 months.


You are still such a happy girl. 


You are sitting up perfectly.


Anything you can get your hands on you do.


You are saying "mama," and it melts me every time :)


Weight:  I am guessing almost 20 pounds.

Length:  I haven't measured you but you are growing like a weed.

Eating:  Nursing at meals, bedtime, and occasionally in the middle of the night.  We started you on rice, veggies, and fruit this month and you love it!!

Sleeping:  Sometimes you wake up, but we re-wrap you, give you your pacifier, and you go right back to sleep.  Other nights you sleep all night :)

Clothe size:  6-9 month for tops, but you are moving on to 12 month clothes pretty quick. 

What else you are up to:  You are 100% enthralled with your brother.  You still love to be sung to.  Cole chimes in with the singing too.  You are starting to get around on your belly, and roll all of the time.  You are still a mama's girl.  We have moved you into the inflatable duck for bath time, and now Cole is back to loving his baths, because he gets to take a bath with you.  Although, the first time you guys took a bath, he accidentally peed on you, and dropped something on you.  But since then bath time has been accident free. 


I love these moments with you and Cole. We treasure every moment with you both.

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  1. every time I see her, my English vocabulary goes down... to the word "adorable"! Nothing else to say :)


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