Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 months

Okay so I know that Julia turned 8 months old over a month ago.  I did take pictures of her, but I have been SO bad as you can tell from my lack of blogging.  So here is a little bit about what Julia did from 7-8 months, honestly the months start to run together, and this evening I am going to do her 9 month pictures, and I will post them soon. 


Weight: right about 20 pounds.
I don't realize how chubalicious you are until I look back at pictures.

Cloth size 6-9 months.

Eating:  Fruits and veggies, cereal, and nursing at meal times and bedtime, rarely in the middle of the night.

Teeth: THREE!!  two on the bottom, and one on top.

Sleep:  A morning and afternoon nap.  Bedtime is the same. 


What you are up to:  Girlie you just want to MOVE!  And believe me when I say you will be into ever-y-thing!  You get your chubby little buns in the air, but then haven't quite figured out what to do then.  Everyday you are more into Cole, he gets the best laughs out of you.  He also seems to think he can interpret what you babble.  I will have a commentary running and I will say, "Julia what would you like for lunch?  Peas?"  Then Cole will pipe in and say, "No, she doesn't want peas, she wants carrots."  It cracks me up.  Like your brother you are a great eater.  You love to clap, smile, be held, and give kisses. 


I think he loves you :)



  1. You have the cutest kids ever,love you guys... Sue


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