Monday, September 12, 2011

First of many

The requirements are this:

1.) A smile
2.) Name tag
3.) A backpack

Everyone told me I would cry, I disagreed, thinking he is ready for this, he needs this, he will only benefit from this. And then I loaded him and Julia in the car. Drove the ten minutes to his school, and pulled into the parking lot.

In the rearview mirror I saw a mother tuck the hair behind her daughters ear. I gave Cole a look over, licked my thumb and wiped banana remains from his face, unbuckled his carseat, told him to be good, and listen to his teachers.

He gave Julia and I a kiss goodbye, then looked at me and said, "will you miss me?", I smiled and said, " of course."

Then a teacher was at his side, Cole was beaming, name tag on, backpack in hand. Today, I watched my first baby walk into school, and the warm tears fill my eyes.

Today was a first, the first of many.

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