Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Box of Beans

Some days the weather is awesome, and some days it it not.  The not so great, stuck inside days take some creativity.  Thanks to an idea from a fellow mom, we used one of her ideas.  This was so easy, and I can not believe I did not think of it myself.

The ingredients were all on hand:

  • Bag of pinto beans
  • Tupperware container
  • Random items around the house (see picture below)
  • A camera to take a picture of the above random items or note card to write what items are  ( I did both)
  • A willing child still in his PJ's

First pour beans in container:

Next round up items, I took a picture to show Cole what he was looking for, but also wrote down what was in it, and told him what they were. 

Place random items in with beans, mix around 

until it looks like this.

Find something to occupy the baby, or put her down for a nap.  Beans and little people are not meant to be together, unless you would like it to rain beans in your house.  

Then call in the one this little game is meant for.  PJ's optional. 
 Show him the above picture, explain what he is doing. 
 And send him searching.

 He loved it.  The penny and bobby-pin were hard even for me to find.  

It is a definite keeper.
We put the lid on, placed the note card inside, and will pull it out on another rainy day.

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  1. Ok, Grandpa and I have played the box of beans game, what's next?


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