Monday, April 23, 2012


We are back to wearing coats, and hats.  Not quite our winter coats, but still.  

Julia is looking super cute in one of the hats I made her back when she was just a wee little one in my belly.  At the time I thought it looked so big.  Now it is just right.


We played outside for a bit today, but the wind was too strong for Julia.  So we headed inside.

When Derek got home I went for a run.  At times it felt like I was just running in place.  The wind was that strong.  

I recently read Sarah's Key.  It was eye opening.  So good. Humbling.  Warning:  Do not read when around others.  You will cry, maybe even blubber.  Just saying.

We are going to Chattanooga this summer.

Julia is the messiest eater ever.

Do not say the word "butt" around Cole.  He will correct you, like he did my mom tonight.  "Don't say that word Nana, it is a bottom."  She apologized.  Funny how kids make you follow your own rules.

Julia loves the word "cow."

We went to the library today.  Then to Lowe's.  We left with mulch, and lost a pacifier.

Nana made the kids blueberry pancakes for dinner.  She rocks.  My kids love her.  Just ask Cole.  

Cole:  Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Cole: I love Nana.

Me: That is great.

I love that my children love.


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