Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Memory Lane. July

Last night Derek called me downstairs to take pictures of the kids in the bath.  After taking said pictures he said, "Those would be great to see on your blog."  hint...hint.  So by golly here we are!  Something about having a child who was, at the time,almost two kept my hands full.  

Looking back, the last post was Fourth of July.  Yikes! That feels like ages ago.  

Lets play catch up, shall we?


After the baseball game, we ventured out on a VERY hot day and went blueberry picking for about 10 minutes.  Really.  Maybe it was only 8 or 9 minutes, before we decided to pay the extra money for the picked berries.  It was hot!  Cole was really excited to see the tractor come and pick us back up.

july collage

Look at how many blueberries we picked.  Lots. Those probably lasted the ride home.
Do you see the sweat pouring from little mans face? By the way did I mention it was hot?

For the rest of July we spent most of our time in any form of water.  Splash pads, hoses, pools, etc.  Of course we spent another $20.00 on another inflatable pool in the back yard.  Classy, I know.  The grass is just now growing back. Sigh.  But good memories were made.

july collage3

We swam, swung, and played until their hearts were content.

july collage2

At the end of July we went south to Chattanooga, TN.  Bobby, my brother, and the kids favorite long haired uncle lives there.   We saw a lot around town, watched a sunset, ate good food, visited the aquarium, and had great company.  

july collage4

Oh! and we got a picture of the four of us in good ole' Chattanooga. How about this for a Christmas card?


At the end of July we ventured back to the Hoosier State, and finished the rest of the summer.

to be continued...

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