Monday, December 3, 2012

Memory Lane...August

In August the summering continued.  The kids ran free.  I went grain and refined sugar free and was doing really well until our Florida vacation in October.  Websites like  Wellness Mama and Spunky Coconut (she has a cookbook I am longing for) are great places for some great easy recipes. The Spunky Coconut site has some great cookie, donut (I love these), and treat type food that satisfies the desire for the sweet tooth I try so valiantly to ignore. I was pretty strict the whole month of August, and when I had sugar after that it made me feel sick...what does that prove?  Now we don't even have white sugar in the house.  I find the kids, and Derek and I's moods and behavior are so much more even, and nice without sugar and processed food.   

But anywho,  August....

The month I forgot I was the owner of a camera apparently.

A cousin got married, which gave us an excuse to dress up, and dance.  The reception was a fun outside event, with an area for the kids to play.  How great is that? 

Julia will be remembered on that day as having a really bad hair day...

(excuse the baldie in the back, I couldn't crop him out with out lobbing off part of our heads.)

Nick and his girlfriend Susie flew home from California for the wedding.  It was so nice to see both of my brothers in less than three weeks. 


Sibling love. 


We should have known trying to get a picture of Julia with a plate food in front of her was going to result in just that, a picture of Julia eating, and Aunt Lolo cheesing.


Cole getting in some quality Papa time.  


Cole showing us his moves like Jagger.


And Julia following suit.


At the end of the month rolled around school began.  I know I took pictures of them on their first day of school, but can not seem to find them.  Hmmm.  

to be continued....

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  1. HAHAHA- love Cole dancing! He looks like he is breaking. it. down! :) As for Julia's bad hair day- I don't trust girls with perfect hair. It isn't natural. Will be checking out those blogs, too!


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