Wednesday, January 23, 2013

September/October...Memory Lane

Where were we??  Ahh yes, school pictures.  Would you believe it has taken me this whole time to find them, and that is the reason for the delay? Well either way I am really going to make an effort to keep this up.  2013 here we come!

September came with a Labor Day Parade, and more time together outside.

september2012_zps0f262c76 photo september2012_zps0f262c76-1_zpsb6faa99e.jpg

We ended September by road tripping down to Florida for a week.  It was awesome.  Relaxing.  Perfect.
Here is our week in a few snapshots...

october2013florida2_zps5f06d5e0 photo october2013florida2_zps5f06d5e0-1_zpsf3ee3214.jpg
october2013florida_zps84c06c48 photo october2013florida_zps84c06c48-1_zps397f4059.jpg

To end October we took the kids trick-or-treating in Derek's old neighborhood, covering the same ground he did as a kid.  

AND_3114_zpsc196ae5b photo AND_3114_zpsc196ae5b-1_zps7f108eb5.jpg

Derek as Shaggy, Cole as Scooby Doo (yes this is the third year Cole has sported this dog costume) and Julia as the cutest little nose picking ladybug I have ever seen!

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