Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9 months and counting

Normally when I do Julia's monthly pictures I try to put her in something cute, and do her hair.  This month, that didn't happen.  Today, the kiddos and I are starting our day, one of the two was partly dressed.  Julia had a really cute headband in, and then didn't, so her hair was a mess.  

Cole comes running around the corner and says, "Mom, hey mom, look at me."

Me, "Just a minute."

"Mom, look! Look at my headband."  

I look up....


and can't help but smile.
I knew I had to document this moment with my little man, and decided to do Julia's nine month update pictures without all of the fuss.

Let me say, I LOVE Julia's hair.  But right now it is in an awkward stage. 
See below.


"Ahhh, Mom, fix my hair, it's in my eyes."

This is what her hair looks like several times throughout the day, so I am constantly fixing it.

After fixing her hair, we snapped a few pictures, all the while Cole is sitting on the bed with his "headband" on.


At 8 months and one week, this little one took off! She is on the move constantly.


Right after crawling came pulling herself up on anything and everything.  When she is standing and holding onto something she is constantly squatting, bending, and twisting.  We call it her Jane Fonda.


Tooth number four came in!

She is my determined little one. Once she sets her sights on something she is after it.

She gives herself kisses. Daily.

We have started with the seperation anxiety.  She is a Mama's girl through and through.

She is triggering Reese Witherspoon and practicing the bend and snap :)


She belly laughs, and Cole gets the best laughs out of her.

Her hair from the back sans bald spot.

She prefers to feed herself, so we are doing a lot of finger food.
She is napping twice a day like a champ, and sleeping all night.


Now that she is on the move, life is busy and interesting, but in a really good way :)

Well it's time to take off Cole's headband and get him dressed. 

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  1. She's gotten so big! We have to get together soon! She's just so adorable! And of course I love all of your pictures!!


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